Proof of Accommodation Document

Important Notice to all Customers(Guest House Terms and Conditions) 

Legal documents (Printed receipts of reservation and proof of accommodation) are ONLY  issued after part of payment for chosen room is confirmed. This implies there will be an advance payment of $240 usd on all reservation payments which is made in advance for the proof of accommodation document processing and it included as part of the total cost of the room prices you will choose. Which means if you selected a Single room which cost $600 usd you will pay an advance payment of $240 usd for the processing of your proof of accommodation document and the balance of $360 usd when you arrive at the hotel.  
Requirement for Proof of Accommodation

-Your full names :
-Your Country :
-Your current House address :
-The Label of the room you have chosen :
-Your telephone number :
-Your booking period (Starting date) :
Processing time for legal documents may take up to 2 hours before being issued to customers after payment.
Once you send us the complete information regarding your legal proof of accommodation document, the cashier will contact you with the payment details and options on how to make your advance payment.